Julia Stewart


Planning Assistant
Rolling Hills

Julia Stewart Salary Overview

As Planning Assistant at Rolling Hills, Julia Stewart made $103,290 in total compensation. Of this total $76,306 was received as a salary, $26,984 was received as benefits . This information is according to Rolling Hills payrolls for the 2017 fiscal year.

Julia Stewart total compensation is 39 % higher than average planning assistant salary, but 1 % lower than average Rolling Hills salary.

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Year 2017
Full Name Julia Stewart
Job Title (formatted) Planning Assistant
Status Full Time
Department Rolling Hills
State California


Name Rolling Hills
Category City
Main Category Region
Employees Number 11
Average Salary $103,927
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Pay, Salary, Benefits

Base Pay $76,306
Overtime Pay N/A
Other Pay N/A
Benefits $26,984
Total Pay $76,306
Total Pay And Benefits $103,290

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