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Frequently Asked Questions

CalSalaries is government payroll transparency website allowing United States citizens completely free access to search through millions of public records associated with government employee salaries and other compensation types.

Why are some names redacted, partial, or not available?

Certain names are exempt from public records disclosure. This is common in certain jobs, such as undercover officers, military, or other positions that require a level of confidentiality. This is determined at the government level prior to the release of public records and as such we have no control over this.

How can I add payroll to CalSalaries?

We publish only payrolls from government entities, so if you would like to add payroll please send us a message from official e-mail address.

What is the source of the data on this website?

The payroll records shown are compensation records that were released by government entities as public records under various Freedom of Information Act and public record laws.

How can I remove my information?

We do not remove public records as that would cause a misrepresentation of the data that has been released by the government. It may also cause suspicion of wrongdoing by the government if certain employees were missing from the records who otherwise should have been released. If, however, the government released a person's name or other information by mistake that should not have been released into the public domain, please submit an official affidavit with proof from the appropriate government agency/entity and we will work to expeditiously redact the data point(s) deemed not public record.