Sue A. L'Heureux


Finance Officer
Monte Sereno

Sue A. L'Heureux Salary Overview

As Finance Officer at Monte Sereno, Sue A. L'Heureux made $180,075 in total compensation. Of this total $136,184 was received as a salary, $38,909 was received as benefits and $4,982 came from other types of compensation . This information is according to Monte Sereno payrolls for the 2018 fiscal year.

Sue A. L'Heureux total compensation is 58 % higher than average finance officer salary, and 37 % higher than average Monte Sereno salary.

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Year 2018
Full Name Sue A. L'Heureux
Job Title (formatted) Finance Officer
Status N/A
Department Monte Sereno
State California


Name Monte Sereno
Category City
Main Category
Employees Number 13
Average Salary $131,613
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Pay, Salary, Benefits

Base Pay $136,184
Overtime Pay N/A
Other Pay $4,982
Benefits $38,909
Total Pay $141,166
Total Pay And Benefits $180,075

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