Avarage Salary

based on 17,747 payrolls

Income Histogram

$0k - $42k
$42k - $84k
$84k - $126k
$126k - $168k
$168k - $210k
$210k - $253k
$253k - $295k
$295k - $337k
$337k - $379k
$379k - $421k

What is the average salary for Teacher in California?

The average salary for a teacher in the California is $97,293 and median salary is $97,293. Estimates are based on 17,747 salary records from 684 employers.

Teacher - highest salary

Name Employer Salary
Jesus Rodriguez Los Angeles Unified $420,981 View Details
Albert Garibaldi Banta Elementary $315,835 View Details
Michael Fuoroli Los Angeles Unified $282,792 View Details
Brian Moss Muroc Joint Unified $258,000 View Details
Catherine Hopp Los Angeles Unified $255,329 View Details
Jose Martinez Los Angeles Unified $253,229 View Details
Rosa Welch Brawley Elementary School District $245,564 View Details
Aida Espinoza Santa Ana Unified $236,103 View Details
Erardo R Ramos Cerritos College $234,070 View Details
Suszanna Paxton Victor Valley Union High $233,049 View Details
Marianne Rock Madera Unified School District $232,419 View Details
Matthew Gillespie Kentfield Elementary $230,148 View Details
Miguel Carrillo Poway Unified $230,077 View Details
Michael P Lamb Davis Joint Unified $229,058 View Details
Stephen D Grosfeld Cerritos College $229,001 View Details
Anthony Lewandowski Los Angeles Unified $228,121 View Details
Cecilia Juarez Whittier Union High $227,829 View Details
Rosemary L Valdez Coachella Valley Unified $225,013 View Details
Thomas O Jacoubowsky Palo Alto Unified $224,241 View Details
Cecile P Villalobos State of California $224,138 View Details