Charles Whorter


Maintenance Supervisor

Charles Whorter Salary Overview

As Maintenance Supervisor at Maricopa, Charles Whorter made $28,302 in total compensation. Of this total $23,291 was received as a salary, $78 was received as overtime pay, $4,932 was received as benefits . This information is according to Maricopa payrolls for the 2018 fiscal year.

Charles Whorter total compensation is 77 % lower than average maintenance supervisor salary, but 166 % higher than average Maricopa salary.

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Year 2018
Full Name Charles Whorter
Job Title (formatted) Maintenance Supervisor
Status Part Time
Department Maricopa
State California


Name Maricopa
Category City
Main Category
Employees Number 14
Average Salary $10,642
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Pay, Salary, Benefits

Base Pay $23,291
Overtime Pay $78
Other Pay N/A
Benefits $4,932
Total Pay $23,369
Total Pay And Benefits $28,302

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